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Benefits of Joining LIBOP


  • Placement in our trusted referral network where your business will be listed on other member websites where customers can view, contact or print your coupons etc 
  • Membership in our exclusive barter network where you can offer your services in exchange for a vast # of other services. See details (COMING SOON)
  • Stay up to date on local business news
  • Get marketing tips and free advice 
  • Exclusive discounts on business products. Save on overhead. Over 3,000 stores and suppliers
  • Reward your customers with discounted merchandise or services from other members. Create happy customers
  • Offer discounts to other members




Get and Give Referrals

  • Joining a network of fellow business owners allows you to offer your services to other local pros and business owners
  • Other network members can offer your services as a referral to their customers
  • We can guarantee this by place member info as a directory on other member websites
  • Offer discounts and coupons automatically thus creating an incentive to refer and create an automatics rewards program for your customers







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